Flight Instructing – From My Perspective … (short review of my last SIM-Lesson)

VFR Training Flight in a RedBird – Is it possible to practice the landing procedure in a Flight Simulator?
Student’s problem: Transitioning from Final-Approach into Flare to Touch/Down. / Slightly afraid of keeping the nose down as long as necessary and not crash or touch down with nose gear first. 😉

So recently, I was instructing a student Pilot in a RedBird Flight Simulator on the landing procedure (see problem description).
Lesson Objective/Goal: Student should be able to adjust yoke (pressure) and power control as necessary/needed for proper flare in order to T/D as smoothly as possible.

Before this lesson, I was a bit curious whether teaching this in a SIM would be approriate or helpfull to the student at all, not only because using SIMs raises the risk of relying on instruments too much (common pitfall among Flight Students, except for IFR Training of course) but also since this is a procedure that should usually be practised in reality.
However, understanding the student’s problems led me to the idea of using the SIM as a procedural help and hopefully solving his issues on this part of flying,
So a little while into the lesson and a couple of touch&goes later while giving him several hints, he did finally manage to keep his nose down as long as necessary (without crashing .. hehe) while properly transitioning into flare and finally landing the plane, of course on the main gear first. 😉
What tip(s) helped him the most (he told me himself)?
1. The fact that is was a SIM and that he could try  out the procedure in any way – 2. To stay at the proper speed at all times, especially on Final Approach (pitch for airspeed/power for altitude) – 3. I told him to look outside as much as possible and only use the instruments for reference. + 5°-10° Pitch-Up mark/line on the Attitude Indicator as a reference point.
The last point/hint at least helped him for his first attempts. That said, I hope that this lesson was as effective as it sounds and that he will be able to apply these things in his next Flight Lesson.

My conclusion at this point: SIMs can be useful in many ways some landing related issues.


Luxembourg Airport


RedBird Flight in bad weather


A busy day @ Cologne Airport, Germany (EDDK)

EDDK - Plane Spotting Koeln/Bonn Airport

A busy day @ Cologne Airport, Germany (EDDK)

Nice VFR-Flight today in a Professional RedBird Flight-SIM at …

Smooth ride @ 5000ft above southwestern Germany …

RedBird Flight Simulator @ – Flight Simulation Center

RedBird Flight Simulator @ – Flight Simulation Center

IFR Flight (EDFH to EDDF) RedBird Flight Simulator @ – Flight Simulation Center

Climbing thru a thick stratus cloud layer …

Using the Garmin 430/530 for Guidance (airplane is following the Flight Plan that was setup before T/O)

Autopilot is a nice thing to have … especially for taking selfies! 😉


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