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Flight Training to become a Commercial Pilot (frozen ATPL) and Flight Instructor, Florida – USA

My Offers / Meine Angebote

  All my Flight Training was done at the Daytona Beach Int’l Airport (KDAB)
in Florida, USA
It was an amazing experience overall. The Daytona Airport as well as it’s surrounding area is a great place/area to do your Pilot Training, as you get exposed not only to Flight Training Traffic, but also to other General Aviation Traffic and Commercial Flights, making your entire Pilot Training experience very real, fun and extremely valuable.

Daytona Beach is a controlled Airport, within Class ‘C’ airspace, with many different Training locations (aiports) around it, including ‘uncontrolled’ airports, giving you the chance to practice flying in a variety of ways.

Besides many other great areas or places I have visited and seen in the state of Florida, I can definitely recommend this place to everyone out there, no matter if you already hold a Pilot Certificate and want to fly around or if you want to get your Pilot’s License.
If you happen to have any questions about any of these mentioned topics or your upcoming Training, feel free to contact me at any time.

Today I hold …
> a Commercial Single & Multi-Engine Pilot Certificate (CPL/ASEL/AMEL)  with an Instrument Rating (IR)
> Flight Instructor Certificate (CFII), BGI & IGI
> ICAO Level 6 English Proficiency (LPE)

Flying and Teaching belong to my passions to date.
Since I got my Instrument Rating issued, instrument flying is still one of my favourite!
Currently I’m also a Sim-Instructor at iTakeOff.de  a Flight Simulation Center in Germany.

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My Offers / Meine Angebote